About Us

Kim Dang Dang,
A Singapore Story

From Sang Nila Utama to Sir Stanford Raffles to present, the legacy continues…

In 2019, 200 years since Sir Stamford Raffles arrived in Singapore in search for a port to expand British trade in the region, an idea was born out of a group of like-minded, seeking to improve the efficiencies of a luxury goods trading framework that has long been built on an old network.

The reputation of Singapore as an ancient port and hub for Asian trade pre-dated colonial times, as far back as 700 years, where movement of luxury goods such as pottery, glass, rare stones and foreign coins, and spices from Southeast Asia to places as far as the Middle East were seen traded on this island. Arabs, Bugis, Ceylonese, Chinese, Indians, and other traders across the Malay Archipelago made Singapore their trading port of choice, because of its ideal location, which is a crossroad between the Occident and the Orient.

Kim Dang Dang (a Singapore creole, which literally means “glittering”) aspires to build on Singapore’s unique heritage, values and renowned reputation to re-establish its position as a leading cosmopolitan in the Southeast Asia region that incorporates luxury, art, heritage, and multiculturism.


To become the largest smart retail marketplace for jewellery & luxurious watches


To unlock the intrinsic value of hard luxury through fintech