Is Si Dian Jin 四点金still relevant?

Si Dian Jin, which literally means the “four points of gold”, is a wedding betrothal gift traditionally given to the bride by her mother-in-law as a blessing of prosperity after marriage into the family.

The Tradition Behind Si Dian Jin 四点金

The origins of this custom surfaced from olden Teochew area (modern day Chao Shan region in Guangdong province, China). Name after an unique architecture style 四点金, the house compound consists of four room dwellings, each positioned at four different corners, with an open court yard in the middle of the compound. There are also 4 curved rooftops that looked like the umbrella shaped wriiten character “金”, hence the name.

Si Dian Jin 四点金 Then and Now

While these four pieces of wedding jewellery Si Dian Jin四点金may conveniently share a common name with the traditional house dwelling, it has a deeper symbolization of the groom’s family’s assurance to the bride that she will always have a roof over her head, and will be taken care of throughout her marriage. A typical traditional set of Si Dian Jin 四点金 consists of a Necklace, a Ring, a pair of Earrings and a Bangle made of solid gold.

Solid Gold has always been the preferred choice for older generations for its preservation of value. However, jewellery a combination of gold, white gold or silver with gemstones and jade have also made its way into this tradition. Depending on each family’s rootedness in tradition, the Si Dian Jin 四点金 custom may still be followed through with flexibility in mixing and matching jewellery to the brides’ preference.

Further, many modern in-laws also prefer to bring their future daughters-inlaw out shopping to choose the wedding jewellery they want as well. Prices and design of a Si Dian Jin 四点金 set can decided prior, which is why it is important for both families to have similar expectations when it comes to the Si Dian Jin 四点金 custom.

Is the Si Dian Jin 四点金 Custom still relevant for a modern-day wedding?

Tradition usually arises through a common practice in a specific era, meant for a purpose. While there is no fixed rule or supernatural belief involved, it is on the couples’ decision whether to adopt this custom. It is also common for modern bride not to stick with the 4 pieces of different jewellery, deciding to have two necklaces or two rings instead, or even just purchasing one piece of jewellery that is of a higher value. Very importantly, to choose pieces that will be worn and not be kept in the closet. Nevertheless, Si Dian Jin 四点金 can still be a memorable way to add a touch of traditional expression on marriage union. Bringing a part of your cultural roots to the next step of your life and having these jewellery pieces to treasure for a lifetime can be an amazing way to keep these memories, perhaps even passing them down to your children and your grandchildren, holding stories that can be told from generation to generation.

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